Sheriff’s Ball 2019 Schedule

6:30pm: Doors open, River Landing Clubhouse

6:30pm-12 midnight: Bars Open, Upstairs & Downstairs

6:30-7:45pm: Half & Half Tickets, Concierge Desk

6:45-7:45pm: El Jaye Johnson, One Man Band,
Grand Ballroom

6:45-7:45pm: Curtis Lee, Five-Time National Fiddle Champion, & Ruth Lee, River Room

7:00-9:00pm: Dinner Stations Open, River Room & Grand Ballroom

7:00pm-12 midnight: Dessert Stations Open, Upstairs Foyer

8:00pm: Welcome & Remarks, Grand Ballroom
Invocation by Lieutenant Scott Kennedy

8:15-9:00pm: Dancing with Carl Newton’s Review, Grand Ballroom

9:00-9:15pm: Live Auction, Sheriff’s Cake, with Timmy Evans Auctioneer, Grand Ballroom

9:15pm-12 midnight: Dancing with Carl Newton’s Review, Grand Ballroom

9:30-10:00pm: Sheriff’s Cake Live Auction Payment, Concierge Desk

River Room - First Floor

Grand Ballroom - Second Floor

Concierge Desk - First Floor Foyer